A natural solution that safely eliminates Fruit Flies overnight!

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Good Riddance is a 99% natural, non-toxic fruit fly solution that lets you get rid of fruit flies, quickly!  Problem solved. Guaranteed!  And don’t just take our word for it.

Question: How do I get rid of fruit flies?
Answer:  Good Riddance will assist you in getting rid of fruit flies, you can even disrupt fruit fly breeding grounds by pouring your used Good Riddance down the drain. Safe for the environment and you won't see a single fruit fly coming out of your drains. Using Good Riddance on a routine basis, that's how to get rid of fruit flies!  

Green Product, Green Company! Good Riddance is made with 99% natural ingredients, and packaged with recycled or recyclable materials whenever possible. Sure, these materials cost us more, but we think Mother Earth and her future inhabitants are worth it! A percentage of profits are also donated to charity at the end of each fiscal year.

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