A natural solution that safely eliminates Fruit Flies overnight!

If your asking, how do I get rid of fruit flies? GotFruitFlies.com makes it easy to get rid of them and replenish your supply of Good Riddance! All transactions are processed securely by PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account.

Single Trap —  $4.99

Got a tiny problem? We have a tiny solution! Enjoy the convenience of a single use trap when you're fishing, camping, or otherwise in need of temporary relief. Pop the top off one any time you need to get rid of fruit flies. Leave it out overnight, put the cap on in the morning and leave overnight the next time one rears it's ugly head! A trap can last up to one month.

10 oz. Bottle — $9.99 Ideal for customers, who compost, can fruits and vegetables, bake, brew their own beer, or enjoy fruit on the counter and are interested in getting rid of fruit flies. Each 10 oz. recycled bottle contains 10 applications of Good Riddance. One ounce usually dissipates in about 30 days.


Single Trap Value Pack —  $53.98 Save 10%

One dozen Single Traps. Stock up on your cavalry, ready to deploy whenever you need to get rid of fruit flies. One application covers a 15 sq/ ft. area. This is a useful gift for your host or hostess who's delicate feelings would not be hurt.

10 oz. Bottle Value Pack —  $119.88 Save 10%

One dozen 10 oz. bottles, 120 applications, at a 20% discount! To maintain control of your compost, garden, or brewery, you may need a whole stockpile of reliable Good Riddance to get rid of fruit flies. Each bottle contains 10 applications. Make's a great gift for 11 of your best friend's.


Consider asking your local green grocer to carry Good Riddance so you can get rid of fruit flies and save on shipping!

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