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Good Riddance is guaranteed to get rid of fruit flies, or your money back! We'd like to thank the following loyal customers for taking the time to write about their experiences!  
                                                                                                                                  Sue Blanche, Scottsdale, AZ
"One morning, my daughter discovered a rotten apple at the bottom of the fruit bowl and about 20 fruit flies started buzzing around. I was throwing a dinner party that evening and was horrified at the thought of my guest being subjected to disease carrying flies. I opened up a trap, set it on the counter by the fruit flies, and drove my daughter to school. I returned 40 minutes later and was shocked to find most of the fruit flies floating at the bottom of the trap. Thank you for making a safe product that gets rid of fruit flies, for saving my dinner party, and for saving my reputation."

John Paul Fitzgerald, San Antonio, TX
"All of a sudden I had fruit flies breeding in my drains and they were filing out like an army of aviators. I poured ¼ cup of Good Riddance into a white dish and left it out overnight. The next morning, the bottom of the dish was covered with fruit flies. I slowly poured the solution down the drain coating the whole drain. I left for work; when I returned home I did not see even one fruit fly. Thanks for making a product that is safe and effective. I am a loyal customer for life using Good Riddance is how I get rid of fruit flies!"

Trish and Don Hoffman, Happily Married in CA
My husband was chasing fruit flies with a broom and broke our chandelier. The time before that, he sprayed some toxic spray on them. Neither of these methods worked. I ordered a trap from your site. We followed the directions and left it out overnight. The next morning my husband flew off the couch (that's what he gets for breaking my chandelier) and ran to look in the dish. Sure enough, the dish was filled with dead fruit flies. My husband is happy to say Good Riddance to the fruit flies and the couch."

Harvey Jones, Fort Lauderdale, FL"Good Riddance works! I have been a restaurant owner for over 40 years and I can never remember a summer where we did not battle fruit flies. I purchased a gallon and left some out in a solo cup. Additionally, I poured ¼ cup down the drain and locked up for the night. The next morning, I was relieved to finally say Good Riddance to the fruit flies. When ever I see a fruit fly now, I simply leave Good Riddance out at night, pour some down the drains, and the problem is solved. Thanks for relieving a four decade long problem and getting rid of fruit flies!"

Steve Goodwin, Candler, NC
"I compost and deal with fruit flies year round. I tried Good Riddance and it worked overnight! Whenever I need to get rid of fruit flies, I take out my bottle of Good Riddance, pour an ounce in a white dish, place it up against a wall near the fruit flies, and leave it out overnight. It works; I love the minimal packaging and that the company reuses bottles whenever possible. Green is Good."

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